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I’ve been moping around the house a little bit because my job just ended and I’m bummed. I didn’t write about it before, but I was working for Weddingbee as a temporary editor for a few weeks. The job description seemed simple, just upload posts as they are written and published by the “Bees”, but WOW, running that website is a whole lot of hard work. Kudos to Bee, Penguin, BIL Bee, and Mr. Bee for keeping things running as efficiently as they do.

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I was working the Noon-5 pm shift, which got a little stressful at times since most of the Bees seem to do their publishing in the evening. Bee and Penguin were always available to answer all of my questions, and were so patient with my ridiculously slow learning.

It was, in short, my dream job. I’m an English major, so I felt like I was using that a little bit (even though it made me realize on a daily basis just how horrible my grammar is!), and I was getting paid to read and edit posts I had already been reading on a daily basis! I’ll just have to keep hoping that something opens up again for me in the future.

So far in my life I have:

1. Driven tractor during cherry harvest in the middle of summer, working the 3 am to 2 pm shift.

2. Worked as a secretary/maid in a fitness club. Wiping down sweaty machines all day is not fun.

3. Worked as a secretary in the tennis club at Gold’s Gym. Still don’t understand the game at all.

4. Played with the cutest little kids all day as a nanny.

5. Had a brief stint as a therapist for a little boy with severe autism.

6. Worked for BYU catering and started to gain weight while eating out of the free-for-all leftover fridge.

7. Worked at a nursing home giving the grumpy old paraplegic showers and such in an attempt to stay in Provo instead of moving home.

8. Began working at Cave B as a waitress. Loved the food, hated the 40 minute drive.

9. Worked at Magleby’s restaurant where I fought the daily fight not to indulge in 20 cheese rolls. Oh, those cheese rolls.

10. Worked at Cave B again.

11. Worked for BYU catering again. Was planning on getting married soon so I didn’t eat so much this time around.

12. Worked as a secretary for a lawyer in Dallas. Learned I do NOT want to ever be a secretary.

13. Worked for Cave B again.

14. Worked for Weddingbee as an editor for 6 weeks.

You better believe that a few of these never made it onto my resume. 🙂

As of right now, I’m not job hunting, but depending on opportunities for school that could change in the near fugure.

What’s the best job you’ve ever had? What’s the worst?