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I have to come clean with you all.

I’m cheating on my own photo challenge.

Not cheating on it as in using a picture from a past or breaking my own rules. Cheating as in, I’m seeing another photo challenge from time to time. It’s no big deal, just a casual thing. We just go out to eat together on occasion, and sometimes, when I have a really good one, I submit a photo. But I didn’t want to tell all of you about it because I was worried you might like the other challenge better than my own!

So I’ll show you what I submitted (and you are free to submit your own as well!), but I hope it won’t prevent you from capturing a little giggle this month, and entering my challenge again next month.

The Exposaroonie photo challenge topic this month is: Favorite of ’08

That hot babe doing her best Ariel impression is my photographer friend Kelli Nicole.

Although I wouldn’t say this photo sums up my 2008, I think it might be the best photo I took last year. If you want, you can go over and vote for me here.

Exposaroonie - Expose Yourself


The goal to be blogged?

Done! And that was just in the first post

Yes, there have been better shots of me. Here’s hoping for better things to come in future posts. I had my camera out the whole time, everywhre we went for all the vow renewal activities. I think the three photographers got a kick out of it.  Head on over to Jessica Claire’s blog to read all about the first of many amazing activities I participated in while in Atlanta!

I promise that every photo I show you from Poland is not going to be a sign, but I kid you not when I reveal that the words on this plaque spell out the phrase “Polish Academy of Skills.” Do you think they have a course for kids who can’t read good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too?

Polish Academy of Skills

If I attended such a magical place to gain skills Napoleon Dynamite would lust over I would take the courses “How to Make Money While Being an Obsessive Blogger” and “How Not To Procrastinate Your Schooling” and most importantly “How to Resist the Temptation to Spend All of Your Money.”

What courses would you be enrolling in?

No you are not imagining it, my blog is snowing! We don’t have any snow here in Dallas so I thought I would make my blog snow to make up for it. If you have a wordpress blog you can set yours up to do the same.

I miss playing in the snow!

roomie snow pictures

The other morning I rolled over and smiled lovingly at my husband. He responded by asking “Where is your camera?” I told him it was on the kitchen table and he told me to go back to sleep, hopped out of bed and got my g9, came back and took my picture.

That Husband didn’t believe I would post it. I take statements like that as a challenge.

sleeping so beautifully

Nothing says sexy like a sleeping mask. I think I do it just as nicely as Holly Golightly.


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Photo by Denise Andersen Photography