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“My parents want to give us something off of the registry for the wedding.”

A wedding registry gives a couple the chance to create a dream wish list. What does it mean when your Polish relatives want to get you something you haven’t already asked for?

This was before I knew about my FIL’s completely awesome knive/sword collection, and so I still didn’t quite understand what I was getting when I opened it the week before the wedding.

This knife, is my best friend in the kitchen. When I dice, it sings. When I slice, it purrs. Sometimes we disagree and my finger ends up red, but I know that I’m always in the wrong in these situations and I never swear in anger at my little friend. Mcusta is allergic to the dishwasher so I lovingly wash her by hand each day. It’s a love affair of epic proportions.

I assure you, this knife is as amazing as the photo I took of it.

I love this knife so much I keep it in the original wood box it came in. I left the purple ribbon tied around it for the first few weeks, but I later realized that was an exercise in ridiculousness.

If you are still using the Wal-mart knife set you got in college, you are past due for an upgrade.

Oh, and if you speak Japanese, I would love to know how to say her name.