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Shhhh! Don’t tell That Husband, I’m supposed to be working on my classes, but someone just clicked on my chatback badge and informed me that doing a google search using the terms “I hate FHE” brings up That Wife as the number one result!


It’s awesome being number 1 for something, but did I really want to be number 1 for that?

For the record, I mostly love FHE. Ok, what I mean is, I believe in FHE and plan to be very dilligent with my children about having it. So that is not the same as hating it at all.


Can you remember the last time you saw something that made you laugh out loud hysterically, and then cry? And cry and cry and cry. I have tears streaming down my face.

Peony: Love, thank you for this.


Some samples of what you can find while browsing.