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Writing letter to the future is a very good idea.

I like clicking on the “View Public Entries” option to read the letters others have written.

Some are religious:

He has risen! Mark 16:6


Some are letters written to others:

Dear Norman,

I stumbled upon this site while doing research for an article that I’m writing. Today’s date is February 1, 2005, and it’s approximately one o’clock in the afternoon. Outside, the sun is already starting its slow journey across the blue-stained sky. I was eating a plate of orange wedges earlier, wishing that you were here because you always eat the other half of the orange when I’m not looking…

Some are reminders:

Dear FutureMe, Hey you hows it going? im fine just drinking some Guiness thats on special offer at alldays (remember that TINY flat you and Kathryn used to live in, its from the one near there) Anyway the reason im sending this is I figured 35 (30 for Kathryn) would be a good time to start having kids so just saying well done if you have already or get on with it! if you dont . Anyway see you later (literally) good looking!
bye from me and kathryn (aged 24 and 19)

Wouldn’t it be lovely to get a letter from your past, reminding how you good thngs were? Or reminding you how bad they were and hoping for a better future?

I think I will have to begin writing some of my own.

I’ll share one with you:

Dear You,

Remember when you and That Husband used to turn to¬† each other on a regular basis and say “We’re married!”? And you said it because you were so ridiculously happy that you needed to make sure it was really true.

I hope you still do that.

Love, Me.


If you aren’t into weddings, you probably don’t know about Elizabeth Anne Designs, one of my favorite wedding blogs. Well, now you don’t have to be into weddings to know about them because they just launched Elizabeth Anne Designs: Living. To be honest, I feel like they secretly launched this blog for me since I am so desperately in need of advice on all things life and home related (you can feel free to think it was for you as well, for various other reasons).

I have a secret to tell you: I am secret best friends with Elizabeth Anne Designs. You might not believe it now, but I’ll prove the deepness of our friendship soon (well, the proving will probably happen on That Bride since it is wedding related).

Why should you hop over and then subscribe? (Please, anyone let me know if you are not understanding the concept of subscribing to RSS feeds using a subscription service like google reader yet, I would love to convert more people like my friend Megan!)

Because you can learn about artists like David Berkeley. I’ve already added one of his albums to my itunes shopping cart.

And you can start dreaming of collecting china to hang on your wall. I do have the perfect wall for this concept.

Are there any other “nesting” blogs like this I should know about?

*All images from EAD living