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The goal to be blogged?

Done! And that was just in the first post

Yes, there have been better shots of me. Here’s hoping for better things to come in future posts. I had my camera out the whole time, everywhre we went for all the vow renewal activities. I think the three photographers got a kick out of it.¬† Head on over to Jessica Claire’s blog to read all about the first of many amazing activities I participated in while in Atlanta!


This year I will (note I used the word “will”, not “want to” or “am thinking about” or “think I might”):

  1. Post every day.
  2. Never make my husband say I don’t pay enough attention to him (even with the daily posting).
  3. How could I not want to pay enough attention to this cutie pie?

    That Husband

  4. Finish my classes (everything except my foreign language credit).
  5. I miss going to class with real people. Or, in the case of these girls, real really cool people. Don’t get married before you graduate. It’s not fun.


  6. Make a baby.
  7. That Wife and Baby

  8. Firm up my oven before That Husband inserts the bun (i.e. lose the last 20 lbs before the baby puts it right back on again).
  9. I’m so proud of how far I have come with the weight loss. 50 lbs down in 3 years and not that much more to go!

    fat to skinny

  10. Call someone I care about on the telephone at least once a week.
  11. Set up a custom domain for my blog.
  12. Read one article from the Ensign each week.
  13. Make something adorable from the Bakerella blog.
  14. Cook a Polish dish for That Husband (and get a rating higher than 3) from the new Polish cookbook we received from his Aunt for Christmas.
  15. Krakow cake seems like a good place to start.

    Krakow Cake

10 is a nice round number for now. Because you know what? You can set new goals for yourself anytime. Like tommorow. If you want to have a January 2nd goal instead of a January 1st goal, it’s okay. Or even a March 13th goal would work. But these are my official 10 for January 1st.

Eden won’t count it, but that doesn’t matter to me. I believe I successfully completed National Blog Posting Month in 2008, as long as I am counting the post I published on That Bride on November 1st (since I for some reason chose not to publish on That Wife that day). Plus I was often publishingg on both blogs every day, which is like blogging double time. It’s because I’m addicted to in love with my blogging.

I can’t find it anywhere on the site, but I’ve read that it doesn’t count unless you physically sit down and write your posts every day, on the day. That is just silly.

It takes a lot of work, but I love posting every day (or as some would classify it, having a post go up every day). And I don’t believe I did many filler posts. Actually you could believe all of my posts are silly and inconsequential filler posts, but if you think that, why are you reading?

This past week I did something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I bagged my items in the grocery store into reusable shopping bags instead of the plastic or paper options.

reusable shopping bags

Ok fine, you can see one plastic bag there. The lady made me take it, and it was actually a really good idea because the chicken she put inside leaked all over inside the bag.

It was hard because I chose to do it for the first time at a store other than Whole Foods. It was Tom Thumb actually, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the first time the cashier had ever been handed cloth bags and heard the request “Please no paper or plastic, just use these bags.” Instead of feeling proud I felt kind of stupid as I realized I would have to balance unloading my cart, paying for the items, and bagging them all up. I didn’t think about the way it usually goes, how the checker also quickly bags for you as well. She helped me out towards the end, but it was a little bit awful. I think I will need That Husband to go with me next time.

Once I got out of the car and carried only 5 bags inside instead of the usual 20 plastic ones I would have been handed, I started to feel proud once again. Less bags will have to be manufactured because of me, and I don’t have to feel guilty like I usually do for immediately stuffing the plastic into the trash (who can really save and reuse so many bags, be honest, you know you immediately throw most of them away).

I have a long ways to go. I have yet to take the cloth bags to Target or Wal-Mart, but I think  I will eventually get there. I still have many wasteful habits to overcome (i.e. brushing my teeth in the shower and overusing the air conditioning) but I am taking the small and necessary steps to make a difference

On a related side note (well related to the grocery store); are people REALLY paying $8 for a pumpkin? It’s not like it will turn into Cinderellas coach at the end of the night.

fairy tale pumpkins