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Last night when I left the house That Husband was still away on business so I did something crazy.

I wore purple tights.
purple tights

And I put my hair up all messy and crazy.

crazy hair

To me, these things represent what it was like when I was single. When I was single I could dress and look the way only I wanted, all the time. That Husband doesn’t “make” me dress any certain way, but I know he prefers it. I’ve written before about his distaste for red lipstick and red high heels, and now you know how he doesn’t like colored tights either.

Some might say I am repressing who I am to be with him, but I don’t think of it that way. Yes, I get dressed and try to look good for myself, but in many ways I do it for him too. I am his, and he is mine, and knowing he likes the way I look still makes me feel a little bit prickly inside.

So I keep my purple tights (and my sparkly gold ones too) tucked away in a drawer, saving them up for a time when he isn’t around. Those are the times when I expirement a little bit. I put them on because I like checking to see if that fun single lady is still alive under this often boring married exterior.


It’s the twelfth day of Christmas in the Coveiter giveaway and I’m drooling over the Layers Clothing dress they are featuring as one of the prizes. I’ve been doing lots of searching for modest dresses lately and I can’t believe this adorable place has escaped me thus far.

Don’t you just love that dress?

Head on over to Coveiter to enter the last day of the giveaway. Hurry hurry since you have to enter before noon today. Sorry I didn’t tell you about the daily prizes before this, I was greedy and wanted to keep my chances of winning a little bit higher. I won’t let it happen again.

Then visit Layers Clothing to see what else they have to offer. I’m drooling over the Jackie O, Rita, Jillian, and the Trixie.

Remember when I was going to get one dress for my black tie event on New Years? And then I was going to try to use that same dress for the company coctail party I am attending with my husband?

That plan is dead. New plan: 2 dresses are better than one! Yep, I bought one floor length gown, and one knee length gown and got them both for about $135 total!

It’s the Hollywood style by Mikarose. Don’t mind my lack of makeup.

black evening gown front

I don’t love the neckline. But look how cute the shoes are!

Black evening gown shoes

I do not think the back fits well. I don’t really care. Finding a modest and affordable evening gown was a nightmare.

Black evening gown back

I tried adding a belt to give it some definition. Should I try to find a dressy looking sash?

Black evening gown with belt

I love the silky shiny fabric.

Black evening gown bathroom

This is $45 cocktail dress I found on That Husbands company is having a holiday party with dinner and dancing on the 12th and so I’ll get to make my big debut in it then.

Black cocktail

I wish I had a little more of a waist while wearing it, but I can’t cinch it up with anything because it will become too short.

Cocktail dress back

The cap sleeves are really cutting it close, and that is an illusion neckline, so I’m going to have to wear some kind of undershirt under it.

Black coctail mirror

I ordered a new dress option for the VR of Ami at EAD. I’ll show you some photos as soon as I have it in my posession. I’m hoping for a chorus of ooohhhss and aaaaahhhhsss from the crowd. I can’t say enough how much I appreciated all of your feedback on my previous post in the hunt for the perfect party dress.

Now it’s time to talk shoes. First you should know, I have fat feet. Not in the kind of way that girls say “Oh my feet are fat and the rest of me is as well”, no I am talking about the kind of feet where I have lost 50 lbs and they still look pretty much exactly the same. They are extra wide at the end, which makes finding dress shoes a nightmare, since all dress shoes have some type of “loop” feature that is supposed to fit around that very part of my very large foot. Actually my feet aren’t really that large, since they will measure in at around a 7.5-8, but they are very very wide, which makes them seem large when crammed into a strappy pair of heels.

So I was thrilled to be able to slide my not-so-dainty little piggies right into the pair of Chinese Laundry black peep toes I found on

I want to keep them because my feet fit inside of them (miracle of miracles!), but I don’t seem to have the right type of calves for ankle strap shoes.

chinese laundry front

Don’t be surprised if you always see me standing like this in photos while wearing these shoes since this is apparently the most flattering view of my feet possible.

chinese laundry side

The ankle straps don’t fit quite right, but I can’t go down in size because, again, the front of my feet won’t fit in the shoe. I can live with floppy ankle straps right?

chinese laundry back

I’ll go ahead and distract any of the floppy ankle strap critics with a shot of the adorable little bow detail on the front.

Chinese Laundry Detail

And did I mention they were a steal at $32?

So, did I do it? Did I find black tie shoes for my (floor-length!) black tie dress?

Sorry for the double posting today! I know some of you are double dippers and read both of my blogs, but some of you aren’t and I am hoping to get lots of feedback. WordPress also allows me to insert polls really easily, so voting is extra fun!

Yesterday on That Bride I revealed that I will be attending the Vow Renewal of Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs. Today, I need your help deciding what dress to wear!

This my first ever black tie event and I am a little bit nervous. What if all of the people there instantly know I am just a little farm girl who took pigs to the fair growing up? I need to look fancy and sophisticated. The other criteria I am trying to fit is versatility. I need something that will work for future company parties I may need to attend with That Husband.

I ordered 7 dresses from Nordstrom, tried them all on, and came away with 5 possibilities, most of which I am not completely in love with. I’m frustrated by how difficult it is to find dresses with sleeves that look flattering on me (they all seem to have too low of a neckline, or be super short, or look overly casual), and I’m hoping that some encouraging votes or constructive criticism (maybe even some sleuthing to find other dress options) will help me make a decision.

#1-The Silver.
It seems like I’m not filling out the bust area or something, which is impossible since my chest is ginormous. Does it look that way to you? I do think it gives me a nice waist though, and I think the color and material look fancy enough.

#2-The Teal
I’m not even sure I like this one at all, but maybe someone else will see something in it that I don’t?

#3-The Black
It’s black, so it’s versatile, but I think it’s really casual looking. Would I really look good standing next to someone wearing a tux and bowtie?

#4-The Silver and Black
I like it and I also don’t. Again, is it doing weird things in the bust area? Does the two tonal aspect take away from the fanciness? Does it just look like a nice dress I could wear to court if I were a lawyer?

#5-The Brown
Definitely my favorite. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive dress of the bunch.

My maximum budget is $150, and of course I always want to spend much less than that. Any suggestions for me?