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Poland recaps are coming (I PROMISE MOM), but I’m still floating along on the high that was the New Years Vow Renewal of Ami. I can’t do a recap post of the weekend yet (I promised, since no blogger would ever show such disrespect by ruining the recap surprises of a close friend like that). So I can’t show you pictures of the event, but what I can do, is show you the pictures of myself. 🙂

I took my first ever picture with Ami. (Don’t you love first ever pictures?)

I had my first ever Chick-Fil-A meal. And then I had another the next day.

I jumped for joy on Turner Field (well not on the field. We weren’t allowed on the grass so the gravel would have to do.)

I met up with Mrs. Magnolia from Weddingbee!

I wandered around Atalanta, sucking down Dr. Pepper to stay awake (I think I may be going through withdrawals I drank so much) and being molested by homeless men (remember that molested can also mean “bothered”. It was just the perfect word to use in this instance, unfortunate that it has such sinister connotations as well.)

I attempted to be all Vogue at my first black tie event. I was such a fake in my Charlotte Russe accessories, $32 heels, and $85 dress.

I freaked out some rather amazing photographers by stalking them and directly quoting things they had previously written on their blogs. You can count yourself a wedding photographer stalker as well if you can name the people in this photo with me based on their smiling faces.

I made some new friends! This is Kate of the amazing photography duo altmix. Quite possibly the cutest little darling I have ever laid eyes on.

My roommate for the event, Morgan. It was true love when she told me I could set the thermostat at whatever temperature I wanted for the night. Also, she possesses the amazing ability to talk to anyone about anything. I tried to take notes while it was happening but I don’t think the magic will ever happen for me like that.

And I wore red lipstick without looking like a hooker (despite everything That Husband believes about red lipstick).

Once I have the go ahead, I’ll do a more in-depth post about the whole experience on this blog and That Bride!


Friday night was That Husband’s company Christmas party, a chance to wear the cocktail dress I bought 2 weeks ago. One of us (you can go ahead and guess which one) almost had an outfit related breakdown as we were getting ready to walk out the door, but through much trial and tribulation we were able to make it out of the door.

I insisted we take a picture outside of our front door to document our hotness. One with my coat on, and one with it off. Now I understand why it is hard for photographers to have pictures of themselves and their families (not that I consider myself a photographer) but when I am the subject I can’t really be playing with the settings to capture the perfect shot. Resulting in photos such as this one with no cute peep-toe heels in the frame.

The party was held at the Texas Stadium.

The first thing you see when upon entering is the bar. I’m sure the bartenders loved filling up our Ginger Ales all night. It’s always funny to get the double take at an open bar when I say “Ginger Ale please. No, nothing else, just Ginger Ale.”

I loved the salad bar. I went through and chose my ingredients, they were tossed together, it was topped off with croûtons and a bread stick and served in a martini glass.

My salad was amazing, and I’m sad I didn’t go back for another round. What is it about food served in a martini glass that makes it so fun?

The entire meal was built around stations with small plates. Look at that huge piece of meat! This was toward the end of the party when we were leaving. Having worked in catering before I know how much of that food will just be thrown in the garbage.

I made sure that we both filled up on as much of the food as possible. I wanted to milk that free meal for all it was worth.

Lately I’ve been hearing stories of company parties where spouses aren’t invited. I’m glad I made it on the guest list. Also, I have bad posture.

I take so many picture, That Husband isn’t even fazed when I whip out my camera to take random pictures.

The view from our table included this football game. Kind of a boring one with the final score being 7 to 43. Must have been some small schools, since Royal City usually has that many people at their football games, huge stadium or not!

Those who were boozing it up took advantage of the lounge seating spread throughout the room.

I was very excited to explore the cupcake bar when it was time for dessert. I didn’t like the black, white, or pink frosting that much, but the 4th option was made with Kalua and I was worried about leaving the party a little tipsy if I gave it a try.

I wound up creating this, which I couldn’t even finish. The cupcake was dry an the frosting was overly sweet, but it was very fun to make.

As you can see, I decided to go keep the cute little heels with the bow. I wasn’t on my feet very long, but they didn’t hurt at all. Thanks to That Husband for 2 great date nights this week!

As soon as I saw this post on Make Mine a Mojito, I knew That Husband and I had to make a date night out of visiting the ICE! exhibit at the Gaylord Texan.

It was my first time at the Gaylord, and the place is HUGE! I think my entire hometown could fit inside (not just the people, the buildings and everything). All of the decorations were Texas sized, which meant they were ridiculously grand.


After following the snowflakes and the signs help up by Miss Skanky Ice Princess we made it to the exhibit where we were handed some very attractive parkas. Wearing the parka with hood up is absolutely necessary because the exhibit is freezing inside (actually it’s below freezing).

We learned from the video that they flew in 40 artists from China to sculpt the exhibit.

I’m all about the intereactive stuff, so I was happy that they created a special place for people to touch the ice.

I saw this part of the exhibit and thought that this was a wonderful representation of That Husband and I….

but then I saw these two kid and realized that the one on his bum actually looks more like me. I’m not the best ice skater.

I was attempting to take a self-portrait of the two of us in front of the bunnies when this lady walked up and forcefully quickly grabbed my camera (the camera I consider to be my little baby) from my hands and insisted she would take the picture. I was really confused until she took the photo and laughed and said that the flash had helped illuminate our faces, showing her that we weren’t cousins like she had previously thought. I understood, since I thought I lost That Husband a few times while we were inside, everyone looks like Pillsbury Doughpeople when wearing those huge parkas.

I laughed at this not-so-subtle product endorsement.

This icy cupcake looked delicious.

I do not see how living in an igloo could ever be warm. This house was freezing inside. And also see-through. Are igloos see-through?

TH came up with this pose all by himself. I was so happy to be there all I could think to do was beam excitedly whenever the camera was pointed in my direction.

We asked Santat take us to Poland in his magical sleigh. I think the trip will be shorter that way.

The reindeer ice slide looked so fun with all of the kiddies and parents zooming down.

Unfortunately I sucked at the ice slide. Here I am laughing hysterically because I finally made it to the bottom 10 minutes later.

I can’t even imagine how long it took them to craft this forest of ice branches.

And what is the fire extinguisher for?

I was fascinated by the ice candles on either side of this angel.

I always picture Joseph to be someone fit and hard working. This Joseph was a little bit on the jolly portly side. Mary must be a really good cook!

I was so sad to get to the end, it felt like it went by so fast! If it wasn’t so cold I think I would have made TH loop through one more time.

After exploring ICE! we decided to wander around the hotel a little bit, in part because I wanted to find the giant gingerbread house. Along the way we came across this tree. TH was absolutely fascinated by it and made me take a picture. We definitely like to take pictures of different things.

We found the house, but apparently someone had been eating snacks off of it!

I’m a little nervous about baking little miniatured gingerbread men for Christmas (my baking endeavors have not been very successful so far). I can’t imagine baking a lifesize house version!

We saw this family attempting to take photos of their 5 children standing in front of the front door and the littlest one kept saying “I want to go inside the house!” Does anyone understand the strange theme they chose for the decor?

As we were walking out of the lobby I saw this awesome chair and had to take a picture for my Grandma A. You need one like this with your brand on it Grandma!

Wouldn’t you love to have such a fantastic coffee table in your house?

Thanks for such a great date night my love! We make a great team.

After a failed attempt to visit TCBY we decided to come home and test out the fun new toy I bought for 40% off at Linens n’ Things. What could it be?

An ice cream maker, with soft serve ice cream dispenser! In  the lovely shade of bubble gum pink.

It even has little containers to hold and self-dispense toppings.

We decided to make fat free raspberry frozen yogurt.

It was an absolutely delicious way to end a wonderful evening. I can’t wait to use my Italian cookbook recipes and make some gelato now!

First and foremost I would like to say that it has been pointed out to me several times how insensitive my statement about “being trampled to death” sounds on this post. I think I wrote that particular post on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week, and I sincerely regret the fact that my ramblings actually came true. It would really freak me out if I had mentioned a shootout in that post as well.

That Husband and I ended up venturing out that day, completely avoiding Wal-mart altogether and instead heading over to a magical wonderland known as The Galleria. Nordstrom, Saks, JCrew, Lush, Sephora, Potbelly’s, and an ice skating rink all under one roof. I could visit every day and never get tired of going.

I really liked the “Santa Traffic Directors” they had stationed at the parking garage entrances to make sure everything went smoothly. I felt bad for them, it must be a miserable job.

christmas elf traffic directors

As we walked out of The Galleria with our purchases (2 new bras from Nordstrom and a cheese grater from William-Sonoma for me), I started to yell “Treat, treat, treat!” because I am both silly and in possession of a sweet tooth which is rarely satisfied. That Husband decided to teach me about the magic of Paciugo Gelato. The shop is located just down the street from the temple, and we both decided that whenever we go to the temple from now on a stop at this little gelato shop is in order.

I can’t remember what That Husband had, but I liked his better than mine.

TH Paciuggos

My face kind of says “I know you asked me to take this picture, but I think I would like to stop posing and start eating my gelato again.”


I chose dark dark chocolate, wedding cake (duh, what else would That Bride choose), and sea salt caramel. The sea salt flavor was a mistake. Should have gone with the amarena black cherry swirl like always.


I did end up getting some black friday deals, but on internet purchases only. I’ll reveal them as they are delivered (hopefully most of them will come this week!)

What did you end up getting this Friday?