My friend Allison pointed me to this ABC News broadcast and I am so excited to share it with you all! Although there are a few things that I feel got twisted a tiny bit, it’s the best news broadcast I think I have ever seen about the Church that will help non-members understand us more.

I know you will all want to watch it because they show video footage of the inside new Draper temple! I wish I could be there touring it myself, but we will all have to make do with seeing whatever the cameras show us. You will be able to see what the baptismal font looks like, the endowment rooms (I believe they refer to them as ordinance rooms in the video), the Celestial room, and the sealing rooms. I love that the Church is trying to find ways to open up to the world about our beliefs.

I wish I could embed it, but you will have to click here to visit the ABC site to watch it.

A few thoughts after watching it:
1. We don’t practice polygamy. If you practice polygamy you are not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Period. We kick people out for doing that now.
2. I realize that this video will probably bring up more questions. Please ask away in the comments. I’ve been saving up all of your questions to answer as I go.
3. If the apostles wouldn’t talk about it in the video, I won’t be talking about it either.
4. The sealing room in the Draper temple is SOOOO pretty. Wow.
5. I love the last line. I plan to be less timid about defending my faith along with the Church leaders.