That Husband talked to his dad on Sunday and he told him about the Polish nativities, something that helps the crazy elements they included make a lot more sense.

These nativities aren’t a Polish thing, they are a Krakow thing, so you only find them in Krakow. And it isn’t really a nativity, it’s more like a representation of Krakow with a nativity inside of it. Make sense?

So that little baby Jesus you see inside of their? That isn’t the real baby Jesus. That figure is representing a figure in an imaginary Krakow kingdom (represented by the colorful “nativity”) representing the baby Jesus. Unlike most nativities, this scene is not supposed to be of Bethlehem, it’s of Poland.

Suddenly the pretzel maker makes a whole lot more sense.

I’ve had one of those pretzels myself, they are very good.