I have to come clean with you all.

I’m cheating on my own photo challenge.

Not cheating on it as in using a picture from a past or breaking my own rules. Cheating as in, I’m seeing another photo challenge from time to time. It’s no big deal, just a casual thing. We just go out to eat together on occasion, and sometimes, when I have a really good one, I submit a photo. But I didn’t want to tell all of you about it because I was worried you might like the other challenge better than my own!

So I’ll show you what I submitted (and you are free to submit your own as well!), but I hope it won’t prevent you from capturing a little giggle this month, and entering my challenge again next month.

The Exposaroonie photo challenge topic this month is: Favorite of ’08

That hot babe doing her best Ariel impression is my photographer friend Kelli Nicole.

Although I wouldn’t say this photo sums up my 2008, I think it might be the best photo I took last year. If you want, you can go over and vote for me here.

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