It’s time to put away the Christmas items in our house (and mail out the presents we bought for people in Poland), but I’m having a hard time deciding what to do with the Christmas cards on our fridge. It wasn’t that much work to send mine out, but it took time, and I know every person who sent us one went through the same process. How can I just let that work get all moldy in the trash can?

There is one card I won’t be throwing out. This one:

Why? Because I took that picture! These are the nieces of my best friend from college, and I took this picture at her wedding in July. I’m really flattered they chose it for the Christmas card (I like to tell myself it is the same way I would feel if I was ever published), and it’s the one card I know I’ll always keep from this year.

You’ve boxed up your nativity, your stockings, and your ornaments, but what do you do with the Christmas cards?