Would you like some advice from That Wife (a girl who now believes she can say she is a world traveler, since she has been to Europe no less than 3 times)?

When you go on vacation, or when you leave for the weekend, or when you just leave… leave your house clean.

The night before we left I was going crazy. I needed to pack, I was trying to get Christmas and Thank You cards in the mail, and I was absolutely firm about leaving the house clean. No plastic bags, no wrappers, no dishes in the sink, nothing.

It was so wonderful to walk in the door and see this after a full 24 hours of flying.

And since I’m jobless (and avoid my schoolwork at all costs) that’s actually exactly what my house looks like right now. I love a clean house.

Do you have a travel rule? Packing extra underwear in my carry-on became essential for me this last trip when the airline delayed my baggage and I didn’t have it for the 2 days we were in Washington.