After staying up very late reading Fail blog and Photoshop disasters, That Husband and I didn’t wake up until 12:30 on Christmas day. What kind of Christmas spirit is that? It did help me with breakfast a little bit, since breakfast always felt a little more like lunch. In Poland, they eat sandwiches for breakfast. No eggs, bacon, milk, or cereal to be found. I really liked the slices that looked like pepperoni (but it wasn’t like American pepperoni) and the sausage in the middle.

I was afraid of the albino sausage, so I stuck to what was safe. The red sausage on the right was delicious, it had a kind of a sweetness to it.

That Husband is always complaining about how he misses hearty Polish bread, so he was in heaven for those three days. I liked it best toasted, but that’s no surprise since I like everything toasted.

I’m sorry to bring you right back to more food pictures once again, but we ate breakfast at 1:00 and dinner at 3:00 so there wasn’t much to do besides shower in between.

Dinner consisted of the fish from the previous night, served cold this time.

And Polish sushi! It was actually quite good.

Up until this point I had really been missing American food, so when I looked down at my plate and discovered this lump of peas, carrots, and potatoes I said “I know you! You like to come along at picnics and your name is Potato Salad. Thanks for being in Poland with me American food look-alike.”

Finally a dish with cream cheese! But I have a hard time with smoked salmon (which I’m pretty sure this was) so I didn’t eat very much of it. This time I got smart and asked for a glass of water as the meal started. I don’t think they were offended (especially since That Husband had a glass as well), but the lack of beverages at the table was definitely a reminder that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

After dinner and dessert That Husband and I headed over to the Catholic church, located 2 houses away from my in-laws house, to see the nativity before mass started. It was a heart warming display of community love, and That FIL told me they add a new element each year. Which might explain…

the giant hamster and cute little puppy?

We left the church just as mass was starting and attempted to slide our way down to the cemetery. I’ve never seen such icy roads in my life!

The cemetery was breathtaking. Filled with hundreds of red and green lanterns for Christmas. That Husband told me there is one day during the year when the cemetery looks more beautiful than this, and that is on the Day of the Dead. Everyone goes to the cemetery that day and when night falls there are thousands of candles as far as the eye can see. That Husband lives on the other side of the tree line in this photo, and he told me that as a boy he loved Day of the Dead because he would look out his window and it would look like the cemetery was on fire.

I think this is proof enough that the Poles visit the cemetery a lot more than we do.

On our way back home we saw these girls sliding around on the ice. I wanted to be cool like them, so I decided to give a try.

Haha, I guess I am not quite as cool as they are.

Even though we had a lovely dinner with That Husband’s family, up until this point I still didn’t really feel like it was Christmas day. I missed the excitement of waking up that morning to see what was under the tree, the cousins, the loud laughter from my grandpa, all of those things I’ve experienced 22 Christmases before.

Then, when we got back inside the house and warmed up a little bit, we went upstairs and talked about our beliefs by the light of the Christmas tree with That Husband’s family. We told them about the temple, why we visit, and what it’s like. We love our faith and believe it to be the truth, so having the chance to open up to his family and speak about those sacred and special things was the best gift that Christmas brought this year.

I think, after that, I’ve decided that this might have been the best Christmas after all.