We woke up on the morning of the 24th and headed over to the apartment building of That Husband’s friend Tetija. I love how colorful his apartment building is!

When we got to Krakow, we pulled up onto the sidewalk to park. What? Apparently that’s how they do it in Poland.

Please, someone explain to me why you would import this car from Pennsylvania?

Apparently this is That Husban’s name street. He doesn’t feel comoftable with me publishing his name, but since this looks about 1/4 like his name to me I think we are safe.

Krakow town square. Made 10 times better with a Christmas market in the middle.

Whenever I travel somewhere I pick up a pendant to remember the trip. I fell in love with this selection of pressed flora and fauna.

These books smell weird (really organic) but they look cool. We picked up one with a sun and moon on front, and it’s perfect for holding our guestbook postcards from the wedding.

You know how whenever you visit a fair or market in America, there is always a Native American booth in the mix? Apparently that is also the case in Poland.

I’m 99% sure that bekon is better than bacon. I didn’t go inside to test it out though.

After spending all of our money in the Christmas marketplace we headed over to the nativity exhibit, where we were told that under no uncertain terms were insober persons to be admitted.

The nativities were breathtaking! I’m not sure that the multitude of colors is really my style but credit must be given for the immense amount of detail these nativities include.

Some of them were as big as I am. How do you transport something like that? Especially when all the cars in Europe are really tiny!

Best part of the nativity exhibit was hands down discovering all of the interesting characters present at the nativity that I never knew about before.

King Herod, flanked by the KKK and the devil.

I’m sure that right after the birth a hot salty pretzel was all Mary could think about.

What Mary really disapproved of was the choice of costumes these miscreants chose for the costume party held on the Christ child’s first birthday. Both the donkey and the skull man are so scary! They didn’t even make it in the stable door.

Dragon bodyguards come cheap in Bethlehem.

Sure,the shepherds smelled bad from being out in the fields all day, but that was nothing compared to the sooty mess the chimney sweep was when he showed up.

Cinderelly Cinderelly, you’re late! The little drummer boy will play the child a song, but what will you do? Offer to let him try on your glass slipper?

The bride and groom make sense to me (all nativities I fashion from now on will probably include a bride and groom), but the dragon butler with eyes that blink on and off dressed in a circus inspired outfit? That, I just can’t wrap my head around.

This guy got a little bit lazy with his design and decided to cut his Mary and Joseph out of the bible study manual.

Let’s not forget the pope!

What is the story behind the black wiseman? I hope he stays out to take care of the horses when they go to visit King Herod.

Last but not least, the Jews. Is this supposed to be funny? Ironic?

They also had a room full of nativities fashioned by children. They ranged from simple…

to crazy elaborate. I think this guy has a future in this kind of thing. I kind of want to eat this one.

I was impressed by the nativity made out of matchsticks. It was in the room full of children’s nativities. A kid made this?

Unfortunately, corporate sponsorship has made it’s way over to Poland. This cookie nativity is brought to you by Lajkonik.

It was late in the afternoon by the time we emerged from the nativity exhibit and so we headed back to the Christmas marketplace to eat some dinner at one of the stalls located inside. I don’t think the health food craze his hit Poland yet.

We went with something classically Polish, sausage and poatoes.

Delicious and nutritious in a 2000 calorie kind of way. We couldn’t even get anything to drink because all they had was hot wine. I would have paid $10 for a good cup (maybe even a bad cup) of hot chocolate right then.

After we ate it was time to load up the car with our purchases and head back to the house for Christmas Eve dinner!