Let’s go ahead and rewind back to December 19. Past the New Years Resolutions, that last glass of champagne, returning that hideous sweater for credit from Aunt Marge, and before you added on the dreaded 3 lbs of holiday weight gain.

We’ve surprised my mom, she’s dried her eyes, and deep in her heart already lies the hope that we will stay stranded in Washington to spend Christmas with her. She fights so hard to push that secret desire out of her mind, but it stays put, reaching all the way deep down to her toes. She works to smile as That Husband and Wife sit on the sofa together, laptops out, blackberry on, attempting to book a flight to Poland that won’t be leaving in the middle of the biggest snowstorm to hit Seattle in years.

Unfortunately for my family (but fortunately for his) we were succesful in the rescheduling. All we had to do was show up at the United ticket counter on Monday morning and have our ticket re-issued for Lufthansa. It was going to be a piece of cake.

To cheer That Mother up we decided to open presents! I really like opening presents so I dove right under.

Ohhh what’s under there…

A cookbook my ward at home assembled full of recipes of those who I grew up going to church with. Apparently the homemade marshmallows are to die for!

What could be in that pineapple covered box? I love boxes covered with pineapples, don’t you?

A fancy schmancy popcorn maker! That Husband doesn’t really like popcorn, but I love it. Sometimes I eat it nightly.

The last box was so small. You know how the best things come in small boxes?

A gorgeous pair of CZ’s from Nordstrom. Thanks Mom! I wear them every day. Someday I hope to get an upgrade like you did. And yes, I took them picture with them stuck in a cactus. That Husband really likes plants.

I gave my dad the usual, a 12 month photo calendar (filled with photos from the wedding, natch!) and I was finally able to reveal to my mom what I had been working on for her. Except… it’s not ready for me to show you yet. But soon!

On Sunday night we headed over a family friends house to give presents to their kids. It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions because I forgot how thrilled each child is with what they receive.

We barely made it out of hte driveway. I haven’t seen so much snow in years. Good thing everyone in my hometown drives a truck or suburban.

I did my own rendition of “Singing in the Snow”.

I was so happy in my zebra wellies and my new pea coat.

Opening presents was madness. The littlest one got a pink purse with her initial on it.

The middlest one got some sort of boy thing which was so cool he couldn’t talk to us for several minutes.

My favorite gift went to the oldest. An American Girl series. I was obsessed with American Girl and read all of the books that came out during my pre-teen/teen years (I still wish I would have been lucky enough to get a doll to play with). Samantha was my favorite, but I always wanted to do my hair up in braids like Kirsten.

The night ended with me convincing the oldest one to jump into a big pile of snow!

The next morning we were off to Poland (well, we were going to try!)