I’ve been considering ways to make this blog more interactive for awhile now, and I think I have enough readers to try out an idea I’ve been mulling over. I’d like to start doing monthly challenges, geared toward helping all of us achieve a topic based goal. January will be a chance to test this crazy idea of mine out. Maybe no one will participate and it will die off like so many New Years resolutions of the past. Or maybe, just maybe, we will all love the chance to work at achieving the same goal, and we will look forward to sharing the results of our efforts at the end of each month.

Each month there will be three challenges which I will post within the first week of the month. You can sign up for one, two, or all three challeneges by commenting with your email address or by emailing me. I will be sending out weekly email reminders to all those who have signed up for that specific challenge for that month, because I know I wouldn’t remember to participate if someone wasn’t giving me a gentle nudge every once in awhile.

At the end of each month I’ll ask each of you to send me a picture or a short paragraph about what you accomplished. For some of the challenge results I plan on inserting a poll in the results post and having everyone vote on their favorite accomplishment (just to give you a little bit more incentive to participate, because who doesn’t like being the favorite?)

The three topics I have chosen to focus on for these challenges are PHOTOGRAPHY, FOOD, and HEALTH. Check back later today to read about the challenges for each category this month and to sign up to participate!