Chocolate Cake

I’ve always wanted to attempt to bake the perfect chocolate cake and now I will get to try it out with all of you. This challenge should be a little messy, delicious, and I hope not too difficult. Bake a chocolate cake (any kind will do, even chocolate cheesecake), take a picture of it, and send a photo of your creation in for everyone else to droll over. Here’s the catch: It has to be completely from scratch. Don’t even think about cheating with a box from Duncan Hines my friends!

To sign up all you have to do is comment below. Remember, you have to sign up for each challenge separately by commenting on the appropriate post. I will add you to a weekly reminder email list, unless you specificy otherwise in your comment. The last week of the month I ask that you email me your photo and recipe to share with everyone else.

I expect this challenge topic to be a favorite because people get to eat their delicious results AND share and collect recipes along the way. I think I might give this Chocolate Pudding Cake a try.