I was pleasantly surprised by the response I received to my last Sunday post of 2008, asking for suggestions for Sunday post topics in 2009. Thanks to all of those who chimed in. Here is what I will be covering in 2009:

Amanda asked about emergency food storage, and the Mountain Meadows Massacre (if you saw the PBS special on Mormonism you may be curious about this as well).

Kaitlyn asked about missions. Great timing for such a question since That Husband retrieved a bunch of mission pictures from the home of his parents over Christmas, and I think it would be fun to show you some of them. Maybe if you all ask really nicely and explain what it would mean to you he will write a guest post about his mission experience in NYC.

Paula asked about the Sunday service format (did you know I go to church for 3 hours every Sunday?), LDS history (a series of posts in July would be a really great way to celebrate Pioneer day), and what my favorite things about the Church and SLC are.

Christiana asked about church hierarchy. A great question because it’s something I often have to study up on myself.

Anne, a Catholic anthropologist who studies human reproduction (a fascinating career choice, in my opinion) wants to know all about LDS views on things like birth control, IVF and other infertility treatments, medically necessary abortions, etc. One of the few “disagreements” That Husband and I had while we were still dating was on the topic of adoption and surrogate motherhood so I know a little bit about it. I’m going to really enjoy researching these topics for myself, and since I plan on getting pregnant myself in the future it will be good to know.

Kristin‘s questions were all about marriage, one of my favorite topics (did you know I love being married?). She wants to know how the church handles remarriage and the topic of marriage and death (a very common question since we believe in marriage for eternity), and posed a really difficult question surrounding a passage in Matthew 22. Kristin, I plan to answer that question as best I can, but it’s a tough one and I plan on consulting some of my old BYU professors for their help in interpreting the verse.

Kate emailed me a list of topics so long I think I can write well into 2010 attempting to answer all of her questions. Thank you so much Kate! Here is an abbreviated list of topics she asked about:

-Heaven (I’m going to add Hell to that post because we don’t believe in traditional “Hell” that most Christian faiths subscribe to).

-How does the “sealing” of spouses and families to each other work?

-How does baptism for the dead work?

-How can a person get into heaven?

-Where did the “soul” come from? Did we exist before we were born?


-Ghosts (interesting question!)

-Forgiveness, conversion, and baptism (A topic so beautiful, so moving, I fear my words will not do it justice)

-That Husband and his conversion story (notice a pattern honey, everyone wants to know!)

I’m working really hard to convince That Husband to write a post about his conversion story, but it’s a deeply personal experience for him and he is still not convinced it would be a good idea. I know many of you would like to hear that story, so feel free to let That Husband know why you are so interested in his personal conversion story in the comments.

And as always, do you have any more questions/suggestions for future Sunday post topics?