Poland recaps are coming (I PROMISE MOM), but I’m still floating along on the high that was the New Years Vow Renewal of Ami. I can’t do a recap post of the weekend yet (I promised, since no blogger would ever show such disrespect by ruining the recap surprises of a close friend like that). So I can’t show you pictures of the event, but what I can do, is show you the pictures of myself. πŸ™‚

I took my first ever picture with Ami. (Don’t you love first ever pictures?)

I had my first ever Chick-Fil-A meal. And then I had another the next day.

I jumped for joy on Turner Field (well not on the field. We weren’t allowed on the grass so the gravel would have to do.)

I met up with Mrs. Magnolia from Weddingbee!

I wandered around Atalanta, sucking down Dr. Pepper to stay awake (I think I may be going through withdrawals I drank so much) and being molested by homeless men (remember that molested can also mean “bothered”. It was just the perfect word to use in this instance, unfortunate that it has such sinister connotations as well.)

I attempted to be all Vogue at my first black tie event. I was such a fake in my Charlotte Russe accessories, $32 heels, and $85 dress.

I freaked out some rather amazing photographers by stalking them and directly quoting things they had previously written on their blogs. You can count yourself a wedding photographer stalker as well if you can name the people in this photo with me based on their smiling faces.

I made some new friends! This is Kate of the amazing photography duo altmix. Quite possibly the cutest little darling I have ever laid eyes on.

My roommate for the event, Morgan. It was true love when she told me I could set the thermostat at whatever temperature I wanted for the night. Also, she possesses the amazing ability to talk to anyone about anything. I tried to take notes while it was happening but I don’t think the magic will ever happen for me like that.

And I wore red lipstick without looking like a hooker (despite everything That Husband believes about red lipstick).

Once I have the go ahead, I’ll do a more in-depth post about the whole experience on this blog and That Bride!