I’m getting on a plane once again (I can’t think of any event that would have me on another plane for a very long time, I’m very tired of flying) at 5 AM this morning to fly out to Atlanta for the Vow Renewal of Ami.

The plans for the 3-day event include a mani-pedi party for the girls, a welcome party at the Atalanta Braves stadium, one fantabulous New Years Eve Vow Renewal, and a farewell brunch the next morning. It’s going to be exhausting, but I’m excited to wear my new dress and pair it with some hot red lipstick (I’m going all out since That Husband won’t be there to tame me down).  I bought my accessories for $3.80 using a gift card at Charlotte Russe .

I’m going to attempt a hairstyle similar to this. Except don’t expect it to look anything like this since I can’t do my hair worth pennies. So it will mostly just be a curly side pony.

Did I mention Jessica Claire will be shooting? Here is the NYE wedding she was a second shooter on last year.

My not so secret goal is to make it on the blogs of either Jessica Claire, Michael Norwood, or Mark Brooke. Actually my goal is to make it on the blogs of all three. It’s going to be amazing.