My bags are not packed and I am most certainly not ready to go, but after sleeping for a mere three hours last night That Husband is allowing me to write a quick post this morning to help me wake up for the long day ahead. After an entire day of flying Soon I’ll be here once again…

Eating things like this….

and enjoying the company of my wonderful new family!

Here are That SIL and I posing in a giant head in Krakow.

I’ll have the internet at my in-laws house, but as holidays go, I don’t know our schedule, nor do I think it would be smart to hole up posting to my blog when there is an entire country to explore! (Plus exploring the country now means better, more exciting, blog posts later!)

Get that Christmas shopping done, bake those cookies, and deck those halls. The next time you hear from me, I’ll be in the mother land! (Not mine, his.)