Thanks for all of the fantastic suggestions and feedback you have provided on the books I was thinking about taking. Sounds like Running With Scissors needs to go in the rubbish bin (or to the closest Half Price Books), and Middlesex, Red Tent, and Time Travelers Wife are the favorites. I haven’t started packing yet so I still have no idea what will make it on the trip. I’ve been reading all of your comments excitedly, so thanks for helping me out!

The first thing I did yesterday on my 11 hour shopping adventure was visit the salon for a cut and -gasp!- all over color. I love changing my hair, and while growing it long I am limited to changing the color or adding bangs. Plus, I was tired of the nasty blond tips residing on my brown head.

I called That Husband on the way home and said “Remember what it was like last time I had my hair done? How it was so dark and you hated it at first, but then you liked it later?” He replied with “Or maybe I just got used to hating it and never liked it?” LOL, he’s funny.

I don’t think he loves it, but he doesn’t hate it either. And he agrees it looks much better than it did before. I reassured him I would go lighter again in the summer.

I don’t think it looks quite so dark in real life. Isn’t long hair pretty when it fans out like this?

I don’t ever use color care shampoo so it will fade. I’m cheap and I have an endless supply of hotel shampoo and conditioner through That Husband.

What do you think? I’m going to guess the old roomies will love it (I just wanted to be more like the rest of you guys!) and my mom will hate it.