Today is the day! As Saturday is the day you prepare for Sunday, so is today the day we prepare for departure. Unfortunately for me, packing is going to take 5 times as long. Why? Because the newest place the ants decided to explore was the closet, specifically my clothes. All of my shirts are covered in ants and each time I take something out I have to inspect it inside and out to make sure I am not setting myself up for attack by putting it on, since these ants are the biting kind.

We’ve passed the point where I tell you these things to get advice, now I am telling you just to whine.

Let’s try to focus on other things, like the 7 books I bought at Half Price Books. Whenever I go there I remember why it’s important for me to visit as little as possible. I think I wandered around inside for something like 2 hours. In my wandering I found this album cover:


James Bond wouldn’t even give theses girls a second glance today. Can you say cellulite? Except…. I like them better than the “new” bond girls. The ones with completely unattainable bodies and such. I also can’t believe that they were throwing around such nudity back in the day. James Bond is sick.

But back to the books. I ended up getting 7 for $21 (bargains shopping baby!) and I would love to get feedback from anyone who might have read them, since I don’t want to be hauling them all the way to Poland if they are crap. [Ed. Note: I can take as many as I can fit in my suitcase along with the 10,000 other things I am taking]

Things I would like to know about these books:

1. Was it worth reading?

2. Do you remember it using a lot of foul language (I do not swear, and do not appreciate novels littered with it)

3. Was it full of sex? I hate it when I get really into a book, and then 2/3 of the way through the characters decide to have sex all the time. Even if it’s monogamous sex, I don’t want to read about it.

The books:

Never heard of it, but Oprah liked it, and it was $1.

I remember wanting to read this at some point in my life. It’s a hard bound book, but I like the way the paragraphs are formatted. Also a steal at $1.

Not a book about sexual exploits, despite what you may think because of its title. Rather the story of a hermaphrodite. I cried over The Road (another Pulitzer Prize winner) so maybe this one will make me cry as well. I picked it up for $3.

Been very interested in reading this one after it was suggested by one of my folklore professors last winter. It’s the story of Beowulf told from the monsters perspective. I paid full price for this one, $5.48.

The movie is exquisite. I know the book will be even better. I don’t know if I should take it to Poland though, since it’s such a short read. I bought the hardbound copy,the most expensive book of the bunch at $6.98.

Another book I’ve had my eye on for awhile. A steal of a deal at $1.

Probably the book I will end up liking the most, since I tend to prefer non-fiction over fiction. I’m very excited to read and attempt to better understand fundamentalist religions. $1.

So that’s how I hit $21 yesterday.

I also have The Time Travelers Wife, Lies My Teacher Told Me, Running With Scissors, and Mrs. Dalloway.

What should I take?