I love my blogging, but sometimes I’m embarrassed to tell people in my “real” life about it. Not because I don’t want them knowing every little thing about my life (I think you can tell I’m not afraid of over sharing) but possibly because of the intensity and passion with which I do so. I write every single day, sometimes twice a day, and it seems to be a little bit more than people can handle sometimes.

I know some people don’t tell their co-workers or acquaintances because they don’t want others knowing so many intimate details of their life, but that isn’t it for me. My personal rule is: Don’t post it if you can think of one single person who I wouldn’t want reading it. Nothing is secret on the internet my dears!

So I don’t know why I feel ashamed embarrassed shy about sharing my blog with the people I am meeting here in Dallas. Tonight we had another couple over for dinner and the topic of blogging came up. I showed them my blog, and in some way it felt strange. I guess I hadn’t thought of it this way before, but I really expose myself through my writing, and… it was just a strange feeling. I can’t seem to explain it very well. I link to myself all over the place when it comes to the virtual world, but in the real world I have yet to meet someone and say, “Oh you have a blog? So do I! We should exchange addresses.”

Can you help me better explain the way I am feeling? What do you do about sharing your blog?