The ICE! exhibit was our date this week, but last week we had an even better one… Temple and Whole Foods dinner finished off with Paciugos gelato date night!

I’ve been drooling over my wedding photos a lot lately and it makes me want to wear my wedding shoes. So I made sure to put together an outfit that would let me prance around in them.

After the temple we went to my favorite place to eat a casual meal, Whole Foods.

I chose to eat chicken noodle soup, crackers, croutons, and fruit. That Husband made the wise choice of eating a real meal.

We had not one, but two desserts that night. The first was a samples of creamy goodness from the Whole Foods dessert bar.

Paciugo’s is right around the corner from Whole Foods so we went there to get some gelato as well. We’re so naughty.

Happy 2 Month Anniversary to us!