I did some service today! I hope it’s part 1 of 2 because I will probably end up being really lazy and find excuses not to go back. That would be sad.

I mentioned earlier that I will be posing as Mary with That Husband sitting in as Joseph on Saturday, and this week they are setting up for the event. If you live in Dallas and would like to visit, visit the nativity website here. (FYI, I had to visit in Internet Explorer to get the link to work.)

My job today was tree fluffing. Doesn’t this tree say to you “I’m sad and I would like That Wife to come over and fluff me up so I can fulfill my Christmas destiny!”

“I’ll help you fulfill your Christmas destiny tree!”

“Thanks That Wife, all you have to do now is plug me in and my purpose in life will be met.”

I wasn’t doing it alone, but I did fluff a good portion of these tries with my own (very roughed up) two hands.

It feels so good to do some service! Makes me want to visit some old widows and play secret santa to small children living in poverty.

If I do go back I’ll definitely be doing the morning shift, because they bring in lunch for the volunteers! I’m all about the free food lately.
What kind of service are you doing this December?