You’ve already seen our bedroom, now it’s time to tour the bathroom. What could be worth showing in our gross old bathroom? Didn’t you know by now that I can talk about ANYTHING and attempt to make it seem exciting?

I was so happy to buy my first set of pretty, matching bathroom essential keeper thing-a-majigs. Do your or your husband have to have a “rinse cup” in the bathroom? That Husband used to have a really ugly red cup (you know the kind they have at parties) but I made him throw that right out. Note that we also have liquid soap AND a soap dish for regular soap. Don’t even get me started on the soap thing.

Why is there only one toothbrush? We used to share. Partly because I was too lazy to find another one. Mom, are you going to be okay after reading that? Or are you just so grossed out you have to stop? I promise that is the grossest thing you will read in this post.

I wish I had a neater solution for my appliances (maybe putting them away under the sink but that would involve entirely too much effort), so I settle for using these heavy glass vases from Ikea. That Husband uses the blow-dryer every single day. I never knew men loved to primp so much.

Don’t even ask That Husband what he thinks about the pain job on our bathroom counter. It’s hideous. It’s kind of like someone spilled something on the counter once and then flicked a whole bunch of paint on top of the spill to attempt to create some type of “artistic cover-up”.

They weren’t very accurate with the paint flecks. We have spots everywhere, including on the cupboards and all over the toilet. I made sure to note all of them on our move-in sheet.

I love having the pretty glass bottles of perfume sitting out on the counter (partly because it helps me to remember to apply them), but they look kind of messy to me right now. Should I eliminate some, or maybe put them in a decorative container of some kind?

This pretty picture of Venice hangs right above the toilet. It’s relaxing.

I show you this only to warn you not to buy it. I despise Wal-Mart and try to avoid shopping there at all costs, but That Husband doesn’t see the evil and so we end up going together somtimes. What designer thought it was a good idea to design this shower keeper with bars only going one way? Things that are too skinny fall right through, like my toothbrush and razor, and things that are round can’t even stand up. But I like the little shampoo and conditioner holders on the sides. Especially since we have lots of free shampoo and conditioner from all of the hotels That Husband visits every week for business.

When I started decorating the house I became obsessed with texture. And the color white. Therefore, I love this white, textured shower curtain. It’s just luscious.

White bath/hand towels are a great idea until you start wiping makeup on them and your husband’s blood pressure begins to rise because of it. These are from Costco and they are deliciously soft.

Oh yeah, the titleof this post says something about the Office. Okay, just look really quick and then don’t look anymore.

We can’t seem to keep this room clean and organized!