Remember when I was going to get one dress for my black tie event on New Years? And then I was going to try to use that same dress for the company coctail party I am attending with my husband?

That plan is dead. New plan: 2 dresses are better than one! Yep, I bought one floor length gown, and one knee length gown and got them both for about $135 total!

It’s the Hollywood style by Mikarose. Don’t mind my lack of makeup.

black evening gown front

I don’t love the neckline. But look how cute the shoes are!

Black evening gown shoes

I do not think the back fits well. I don’t really care. Finding a modest and affordable evening gown was a nightmare.

Black evening gown back

I tried adding a belt to give it some definition. Should I try to find a dressy looking sash?

Black evening gown with belt

I love the silky shiny fabric.

Black evening gown bathroom

This is $45 cocktail dress I found on That Husbands company is having a holiday party with dinner and dancing on the 12th and so I’ll get to make my big debut in it then.

Black cocktail

I wish I had a little more of a waist while wearing it, but I can’t cinch it up with anything because it will become too short.

Cocktail dress back

The cap sleeves are really cutting it close, and that is an illusion neckline, so I’m going to have to wear some kind of undershirt under it.

Black coctail mirror