I ordered a new dress option for the VR of Ami at EAD. I’ll show you some photos as soon as I have it in my posession. I’m hoping for a chorus of ooohhhss and aaaaahhhhsss from the crowd. I can’t say enough how much I appreciated all of your feedback on my previous post in the hunt for the perfect party dress.

Now it’s time to talk shoes. First you should know, I have fat feet. Not in the kind of way that girls say “Oh my feet are fat and the rest of me is as well”, no I am talking about the kind of feet where I have lost 50 lbs and they still look pretty much exactly the same. They are extra wide at the end, which makes finding dress shoes a nightmare, since all dress shoes have some type of “loop” feature that is supposed to fit around that very part of my very large foot. Actually my feet aren’t really that large, since they will measure in at around a 7.5-8, but they are very very wide, which makes them seem large when crammed into a strappy pair of heels.

So I was thrilled to be able to slide my not-so-dainty little piggies right into the pair of Chinese Laundry black peep toes I found on Endless.com.

I want to keep them because my feet fit inside of them (miracle of miracles!), but I don’t seem to have the right type of calves for ankle strap shoes.

chinese laundry front

Don’t be surprised if you always see me standing like this in photos while wearing these shoes since this is apparently the most flattering view of my feet possible.

chinese laundry side

The ankle straps don’t fit quite right, but I can’t go down in size because, again, the front of my feet won’t fit in the shoe. I can live with floppy ankle straps right?

chinese laundry back

I’ll go ahead and distract any of the floppy ankle strap critics with a shot of the adorable little bow detail on the front.

Chinese Laundry Detail

And did I mention they were a steal at $32?

So, did I do it? Did I find black tie shoes for my (floor-length!) black tie dress?