Lately I’ve been feeling this desire to nurture something. We aren’t dog people, cats don’t appeal to me, and I already did the hamster thing once before.

Wasn’t my little hamster Massimo cute?

I really want a snake, like my old hairstylist, but That Husband says no. Plus I also want a baby someday, and then snake might try to eat our baby.

The snakes name is Shakira. I love it.

So now I am thinking about getting a fish. I will keep it in the living room, name it something ridiculous like Winifred and talk to it when I am home alone all week. Is this a bad idea? I’m talking the basics here, a bowl, a fish, rocks, and a plant. Maybe one day we will work our way up to one of those plastic castles for the fish to swim around.

Will I be tired of my fish after just a week? Should I get a Giga Pet instead?