As mentioned previously, we are flying to Poland for Christmas! Woohoo, right? The experiencing Polish Christmas part is lovely. Getting there, is like a living nightmare.

Here is how we get to Poland

Dallas to Chicago: Depart 1:04 pm, December 19

Chicago to Düsseldorf: Depart 4:25 pm, December 19

Arrive in Düsseldorf at 7:35 am December 20, with a 7 hour layover (I’m lobbying to have That Husband take me to Germany for Christmas)

Düsseldorf to Frankfurt: Depart 2:45 pm, December 20

Fly for 55 minutes

Frankfurt to Katowice: Depart 4:45 pm, December 20

Arrive in Katowice, Poland at 6:10 pm, December 20

Total travel time: 22 hours

We stay for 5 days.

Here is how we get back to Dallas

Katowice to Frankfurt: Depart 1:40 pm, December 26

Fly for 1 hour and 40 minutes

Frankfurt to Munich: Depart 5:20 pm, December 26

Fly for 55 minutes. 2 hour layover.

Munich to Charlotte: Depart 11:30 am, December 26 (Anyone notice a problem here?)

Fly for 10 hours and 10 minutes. 2 1/2 hour layover.

Charlotte to Dallas: Depart 6:20 pm, December 26

Fly for 2 hours and 55 minutes.

Arrive in Dallas at 8:15 pm, December 26

Total Travel Time: With the mysterious time travel back in time in order to catch the flight from Munich to Charlotte, the trip would be 14 hours.

So we fly 22 hours to get there, and  on the way home, the airport is somehow going to transport us back in time so we can make our 11:30 am Munich flight when we aren’t leaving Katowice until 1:40 pm that same day. This is why it is important to triple check these itineraries for accuracy before going on the actual trip.

Likely we will end up having an overnight layover in Munich. I’ve been reading online and apparently you can do night tours. That Husband doesn’t seem to have any interest in touring Europe, so this is my chance!