First and foremost I would like to say that it has been pointed out to me several times how insensitive my statement about “being trampled to death” sounds on this post. I think I wrote that particular post on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week, and I sincerely regret the fact that my ramblings actually came true. It would really freak me out if I had mentioned a shootout in that post as well.

That Husband and I ended up venturing out that day, completely avoiding Wal-mart altogether and instead heading over to a magical wonderland known as The Galleria. Nordstrom, Saks, JCrew, Lush, Sephora, Potbelly’s, and an ice skating rink all under one roof. I could visit every day and never get tired of going.

I really liked the “Santa Traffic Directors” they had stationed at the parking garage entrances to make sure everything went smoothly. I felt bad for them, it must be a miserable job.

christmas elf traffic directors

As we walked out of The Galleria with our purchases (2 new bras from Nordstrom and a cheese grater from William-Sonoma for me), I started to yell “Treat, treat, treat!” because I am both silly and in possession of a sweet tooth which is rarely satisfied. That Husband decided to teach me about the magic of Paciugo Gelato. The shop is located just down the street from the temple, and we both decided that whenever we go to the temple from now on a stop at this little gelato shop is in order.

I can’t remember what That Husband had, but I liked his better than mine.

TH Paciuggos

My face kind of says “I know you asked me to take this picture, but I think I would like to stop posing and start eating my gelato again.”


I chose dark dark chocolate, wedding cake (duh, what else would That Bride choose), and sea salt caramel. The sea salt flavor was a mistake. Should have gone with the amarena black cherry swirl like always.


I did end up getting some black friday deals, but on internet purchases only. I’ll reveal them as they are delivered (hopefully most of them will come this week!)

What did you end up getting this Friday?