Last night for Family Home Evening (I’ll write a Sunday post about FHE soon!) That Husband and I wrote thank you cards. Does me saying the sentence like that have you picturing piles and piles of completed cards? Well, that would be an incorrect mental picture. We did three total. One for him, and two for me. Now I understand why Emily Post says I can take three months to do it.

To celebrate the succesful completion of said thank you notes we decided to use up some cold stone creamery gift cards I received last year. Thoughts of cake batter ice cream were dancing through my head and we were both giddy like little children.

giddy for cake batter

The giddiness quickly faded upon discovering that google maps had LIED to us. There was no such Cold Stone conveniently located 3 blocks away from us. So we went with our only option.


Though creamy and cold, it was nothing like cake batter. Also, I hate McDonalds (Super Size Me and Fast Food Nation did it) and don’t really like supporting a place that uses a clown and big slippery slide to seduce children into childhood obesity.

boo mcdonalds

Sounds like we will be picking one of these up in the near future!

(It’s an ice cream maker if you can’t tell)