Sorry for the double posting today! I know some of you are double dippers and read both of my blogs, but some of you aren’t and I am hoping to get lots of feedback. WordPress also allows me to insert polls really easily, so voting is extra fun!

Yesterday on That Bride I revealed that I will be attending the Vow Renewal of Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs. Today, I need your help deciding what dress to wear!

This my first ever black tie event and I am a little bit nervous. What if all of the people there instantly know I am just a little farm girl who took pigs to the fair growing up? I need to look fancy and sophisticated. The other criteria I am trying to fit is versatility. I need something that will work for future company parties I may need to attend with That Husband.

I ordered 7 dresses from Nordstrom, tried them all on, and came away with 5 possibilities, most of which I am not completely in love with. I’m frustrated by how difficult it is to find dresses with sleeves that look flattering on me (they all seem to have too low of a neckline, or be super short, or look overly casual), and I’m hoping that some encouraging votes or constructive criticism (maybe even some sleuthing to find other dress options) will help me make a decision.

#1-The Silver.
It seems like I’m not filling out the bust area or something, which is impossible since my chest is ginormous. Does it look that way to you? I do think it gives me a nice waist though, and I think the color and material look fancy enough.

#2-The Teal
I’m not even sure I like this one at all, but maybe someone else will see something in it that I don’t?

#3-The Black
It’s black, so it’s versatile, but I think it’s really casual looking. Would I really look good standing next to someone wearing a tux and bowtie?

#4-The Silver and Black
I like it and I also don’t. Again, is it doing weird things in the bust area? Does the two tonal aspect take away from the fanciness? Does it just look like a nice dress I could wear to court if I were a lawyer?

#5-The Brown
Definitely my favorite. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive dress of the bunch.

My maximum budget is $150, and of course I always want to spend much less than that. Any suggestions for me?