Remember the ants from this post? Well they are back in my life. Actually, they probably never left, I just preferred to pretend like they weren’t there. They weren’t bugging me, so why should I bug them? (That Husband does NOT subscribe to this philosophy, he hate ants.)

That all changed when I was sitting at the kitchen table yesterday, doing my blogging, and I was attacked not once, but twice! They crawled up on my feet and bit me in between my toes. I got down on my hands and knees and peered into the carpet to discover they were everywhere. I looked behind me and saw that they had taken over the kitchen. Apparently ignorance is not the best policy when it comes to dealing with ants.

img_5097I swear these two were talking about me and laughing.

ant bacon bitsNow we are the ones laughing, after leaving then a little treat in the form of what TH calls “Ant Bacon Bits”

We will continue to spray the crud out of them with that magical formula known as Home Defense MAXX (why the double xx’s?), but I’ve heard that we might have to really take things to another level and ask maintenance to come in and rip up the carpet and spray underneath. I’m lazy, so I don’t really want to go through that much work, but I am getting really tired of wearing my croc slippers around the house all day long. Will those of you in the north hate me if I tell you it is still 75 degrees here?

Anyone else fought the ant war? Whats the best method of attack?