This weekend I am suffering through my first urinary tract infection of married life. If you are married (or I guess sexually active, but in my world the two go hand in hand), you know exactly what I am talking about (it isn’t often that you find someone who has never had one), if you aren’t married you will find out eventually. I also should mention I still don’t have insurance (parents insurance expired on Nov. 1, and we haven’t put me on TH’s yet)

I’ve been swimming in unsweetened cranberry juice. I was thinking about flickering a photo to dress this post up, but then I took this one and liked it because it makes the cup I am drinking out of look huge (although I don’t like the way it makes my nose look all witchy). Every time I fill my glass up for another round of cranberry juice I feel like I will never make it through to the end.

cranberry juice

I think it helps with the burning though. The AZO that turns the toilet bowl bright orange definitely helps as well. I thought about showing you a picture of the bright orange toilet bowl, but then I thought better of it.