Tonight, after driving to four different locations on the outskirts of Dallas to find a craft store (I don’t know why google has so many dead addresses on file), I arrived home around 8:00 pm to find That Husband had just arrived home also, and he was starving. It was bad. The situation became really bad when I realized that the rice cooker didn’t turn on when I walked out the door like I thought.

I had to think fast for dinner because he was already rummaging around in the kitchen asking about a pre-dinner snack. I decided on chicken salad sandwhiches and tomato soup. The chicken salad was made with chicken, tomatoes, celery, honeycrisp apple, mayonnaise, ginger, and garlic (and pretty good for right off the top of my head). The soup was my favorite kind of tomato, and I thought I had saved the day with my quick thinking.

Turns out I was wrong because TH hates celery. Hates it with a passion, and picked it out of his chicken salad like a little child. I couldn’t be mad at him for it because he was smart and thanked me for the dinner I had made before telling me he sort of hated it.

Then he mentioned that he had been thinking it would be nice to take a lunch to work with him the next day. I was a good wife and packed it up in a little tupperware container with pieces of bread safely packaged in a plastic bag, after removing all of the celery from the mix.

celery in the sink

Then I was informed that I had packed his lunch incorrectly. He apparently does not have time at work to slap filling on pieces of bread and eat it. Also, assembling his lunch in such manner would not be considered “cool”. The sandwich must be put together before work, so that it can be eaten while hiding underneath a desk in an effort to keep anyone from knowing he didn’t order out (just kidding about the desk, but not about the sandwich having to be pre-assembled).

What happened to corporate wellness programs and an emphasis on personal wellness?