Not even one trick-or-treater came to our apartment on Friday night. This is a good thing, not only because we can return the huge bag of candy we bought at Costco (hey we had no idea what kind of a turnout we would have!), and because they would have interrupted our Spookalicious Pumpkin Carving Movie Fest.

Well, it was almost Spookalicious because instead of Alfred Hitchcok we ended up watching Clue.

Not quite the scary Halloween night flick I had in mind.

The pumpkin carving part, on the other hand, went exactly the way I envisioned it. We started out with the necessary supplies.

Here is the pattern I was working off of. I plan on carving a scene from a significant part of our lives each year. That weird thing sprouting out of the girls head? that would be a representation of a veil, as this is one of our bridal portraits.

That Husband carved one of my boudoir photos. Saucy eh? If only the neighbors knew what we were exposing their children to.

We gutted ’em good and carved ’em up to the hysterical sounds of Clue (hysterically bad).

Here is what we ended up with.

A closeup of mine, since I like it the best. I look so slim and busty. This is what happens when you carve a pumpkin part representation of yourself. That Husband’s neck is a little skinny. Ooops.

Here is the bridal shot by Mamacado (I’m sorry, I just can’t let go of the Mamacado and Papacado nicknames from Weddingbee. I think they are here to stay). Don’t you think the pumpkin is a pretty close match?

We celebrate the end of our Spookalicious Pumpkin Carving Movie Fest with a kiss. I couldn’t hold my arms still because the pumpkin was really heavy. I am so out of shape.

Aww, how cute are we? A matching kissing picture from last year!

That Husband and I agreed that the Spookalicious Pumpkin Carving Movie Fest is officially a family tradition and will be repeated annually from now on.

Any other suggestions for Halloween traditions we should be incorporating into our live?