Halloween is Friday and all I have done so far is decorate the door. I forgot to buy the little plastic spiders, so I don’t think it has quite the effect I was going for.

Our neighbors made the fatal mistake of carving their pumpkins too early. This results in the “old man effect” displayed here. The pumpkin face effectively goes from scary to jolly. .

We are trying to get our pumpkins carved before Halloween is over, but it all depends on That Husband’s work schedule. We might end up carving while the trick-or-treaters come by. I plan on scaring them by reaching out the door with my pumpkin goo covered claws. I’m not revealing our plans, but I think we are going to be able to best what we came up with last year.

This is my pumpkin from last Halloween. Isn’t she beautiful? That Husband’s was just a golfer and it was kind of boring so I am not going to show it here. He came up with something much more exciting this year.

Photo by Shaylene Rene’